An Overview of Manufacturer Representative Jobs

manufacturer representative, also called wholesale sales representatives or business agents, is a person, business agency or firm that sells products to retail and wholesale customers. A manufacturer representative or a wholesale sales representative is responsible for assisting companies in the development of their product line by presenting them with the latest marketing plans and product information. While it is a common practice for the manufacturer to be on hand at every trade show or convention, it is also possible for manufacturers to hire independent distributors to carry out the tasks of a company’s representative.

manufacturer representative

In some cases, manufacturers choose to contract an independent distributor to work for the company. The independent distributor then travels around the country carrying out all the tasks of a manufacturer’s representative. While an independent distributor may not have the same experience and knowledge that a direct manufacturer representative has, they will still have many years of experience in the industry. They may also be willing to offer discounts and other deals on the products they are representing to make the purchase of those items more attractive to retailers and wholesalers.

There are several disadvantages to outsourcing these types of jobs to an independent distributor instead of a manufacturer. One disadvantage is the fact that a distributor has no involvement with the products or companies they represent, and it is very easy for a distributor to become attached to one company or another, thereby creating a conflict of interest. Another drawback is that a distributor may be less knowledgeable about the products they are representing than the manufacturer.

Manufacturers typically work with a wholesale sales representative. This type of representative is responsible for bringing their company to conventions, trade shows, trade shows and other gatherings where a company can promote their products. If a distributor is unsuccessful in doing this successfully, the manufacturer may ask that the distributor do a “cold call” campaign, meaning they would contact the retailers and wholesalers to get an introduction. A cold call campaign is very effective because the retailers and wholesalers will be more likely to respond to such an invitation than they would if the manufacturer were simply making calls to solicit information.

Although manufacturers we can provide invaluable assistance to a new company or small company, a company should not choose to outsource its job responsibilities. In some cases, the manufacturer representative is more valuable as a liaison between a company and a wholesaler. If the manufacturer does not provide information on the best suppliers available, it may be better for a manufacturer representative to represent the company at conventions, trade shows or trade shows, or other functions where the manufacturer is the main attraction at the event.

For most companies, however, the manufacturer representatives are extremely valuable because they help to establish and expand the brand name of the company and give them a more professional image, which in turn creates a more successful business for both the manufacturer and the distributor. When a company chooses to outsource its manufacturer representatives, they should remember to do their due diligence to make sure they choose a person who is trustworthy and reputable.


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