Gain Muscle Fast” Review – A Review of the Muscle Gaining Program by Mike Geary

Gain Muscle Fast” Review – A Review of the Muscle Gaining Program by Mike Geary

Gain Muscle Fast by Mike Geary is a comprehensive and highly detailed guide on gaining muscles. It contains many valuable tips that you will find beneficial when attempting to build muscle mass. As with most books, the author of this book also provides you with detailed workout plans that you can follow. His program consists of exercises that can be performed in the privacy of your own home.


The biggest thing that makes the Gain Muscle Fast program so beneficial is the fact that it is all based around one primary principle: intensity. In other words, Mike Geary believes in working out at high intensity. He does this by using a set of twelve exercises that he describes as “high intensity, high volume” workouts. The twelve “high intensity, high volume” workouts include Bench Press, Squats, and Push-Ups.

While I agree with Mike’s view, I think it’s important to point out that the workouts presented in this book are not designed for strength training. The workouts that the author presents in his workout plans are meant to supplement your strength training program. They are meant to increase your size. While the workouts presented in the workout plan are intended to add weight, they do so in a safe and natural fashion.

The workouts in this book are specifically designed to increase the amount of lean muscle mass and decrease your body mass index. These workouts target specific groups of muscles. For example, the squats in the program focus on the quadriceps, the bench presses focus on the chest, and the push-ups focus on the biceps.

In addition to providing you with detailed workouts that target the muscles that you wish to bulk up, the program also provides detailed information regarding building muscle. You’ll find complete explanations of the relationship between diet and exercise, supplements and muscle building programs, the importance of rest and recovery, and much more.

You will learn many useful tips and techniques about how to gain muscle fast by reading the Gain Muscle Fast guide. If you want to gain muscle fast and develop a healthy, muscular physique, then this guide is a must read.

While this is by no means an all-inclusive guide, this book does provide comprehensive workout plans that you can follow to maximize your gains. If you don’t have the time or desire to write out all the details of your workout programs, then this book is probably not the right choice for you.

If you want to learn how to gain muscle fast, then I highly recommend reading this Gain Muscle Gaining Program and gaining a solid foundation for developing muscle by adding weight slowly to a daily basis. This program will help you gain weight in a healthy manner while increasing your size. in a natural, safe and natural fashion.

If you are serious about growing and gaining muscle, then you should seriously consider checking out the Mike Geary program entitled “Gain Muscle Fast.” I know I did after I used the program for about three weeks. I am not an expert in bodybuilding, but I believe this program can help you become a six packer in a matter of weeks.


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