The Essential Guitar Accessories

guitar accessories

As guitar players require some vital guitar accessories to ensure a more enjoyable playing experience but keep equipment safe and help preserve equipment for a longer time, keeping equipment in pristine condition and as secure as possible is an important element. It’s easy to make the assumption that the vast range of available music equipment is expensive, but this is not necessarily true as there are a number of great and affordable accessories you can buy to add a new dimension to your music.

In order to get started with any guitar or bass, the most basic guitar accessory would be a tuner that enables you to tune your instrument with ease, particularly useful for beginners. There are many different types of tuners to choose from but if you’re starting out it is highly recommended that you get yourself a basic tuner as it makes learning easier. There are several different types of tuners available such as pitch markers, memory markers, vibrato markers and even pitch bends so it will probably be necessary to buy a variety of these depending on the style of guitar that you play.

A pickguard is a cover that is attached to the top and bottom of your guitar and is designed to prevent dirt, dust and debris from entering the frets of your guitar. They are available in various sizes and shapes to fit your particular guitar. In general a good quality pickguard will last for many years.

Another of the most essential guitar accessories is an acoustic guitar strap, these are specially designed to give you extra support whilst playing an acoustic guitar. The standard guitar strap is made from leather, but there are also other varieties available such as nylon, microfiber and even vinyl. For the ultimate in comfort and portability, choose a guitar strap which will easily attach to your guitar case or guitar bag.

A guitar stand is the most essential accessory for an electric guitar. Guitar stands come in a wide range of sizes and designs to cater for different types of guitars and their needs. Some stand provide easy access to the frets while others offer extra storage options to store your electric guitar in a more convenient position.

With all of these guitar accessories it is important to consider what is essential to you, what works best for you and where you want to store your guitar so that you can make the most of your music experience. Take a little time to consider all of your options and the gear you will need for the best music possible.


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