Traveling Business – Which Type of Trip Falls Under Which Category?

Traveling Business – Which Type of Trip Falls Under Which Category?

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Technically speaking, you’re on a business trip every time your company instructs you to perform work-related tasks beyond your usual office space. The event can be as simple as visiting a trade show or meeting a potential customer. In some ways, it’s the same as going on vacation. However, the difference is that you’re there for business, not pleasure.

There are different types of business trips: general, service or personal. General business trips involve a group of people who work together to complete a task or achieve a goal. These could include meetings, training courses or workshops. They may also mean travelling to a distant location where your company has an established presence. Read more about 출장안마

Service business trips tend to be short and more specialized. You spend days meeting with potential clients, conducting a workshop or course or going to a conference. Normally you won’t spend much time in the destination city. This type of trip generally qualifies if you spend more than a week there and if you can demonstrate a true need to the area you’re visiting.

Personal business trips tend to be short, but they do qualify under the criteria above. They could be days spent driving around the city or spending the night at a hotel. Sometimes you can even arrange to spend the night in another city. But you might have to show up at least a day later than normal for most travel time to work time.

If you’re travelling for business, then either of the above two scenarios applies. You can qualify under the travel expenses portion of the 5-day trip conducting business if you spend more than a week there. However, you may have to show up at least a few days later than usual for longer stays.

The fifth category that covers the majority of travel time away from home qualifies under the tax home option. If you’re travelling to a country you’re not familiar with, such as Canada, then you’ll likely qualify for tax home treatment. This means that you can use any applicable tax relief authorities to reduce your taxable income. In most cases this reduction will be substantial. However, it’s important to understand that this option only applies to travel time away from your tax home and does not apply to expenses incurred in Canada while travelling outside of Canada.


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